Clients Say

Working in different positions at BalAEF/AmCredit I could experience how LMS, as a time-saving system, was easy to use and adjustable based on the changes in the company’s needs.
As a Loan Officer, it was easy for me to fill in customers’ loan application data, to get all necessary calculations and keep track of the loan application approval cycle. It was really simple to process the loan and get fast approval for every customer.
For Wholesale Sales Person LMS was helpful tool in building close relationship with real estate brokers – to have clear overview about the relationship status and to get summary of the history.
As Call Center Manager, it was simple for me to get a summary on all client related information to quickly generate reports about needed data.

Aire Pajo, Call Center Manager, Amcredit

The HR module was built by the system’s developers based on the de facto daily needs of personnel-related information management in a very fast-growing pan-Baltic organization in which the need for varied HR related reports and analysis was constantly there. Built on true needs and in close cooperation with people fulfilling HR Manager roles, the module ended up being a simple, yet efficient one. It was a “no-frills” product that still managed to nicely meet the needs of keeping a solid detailed register of all staff and offering the possibility to provide different analysis with as little effort as possible. There were definitely more than a few occasions when I said to myself “It’s great we have LMS to do it for me!” when needing to provide some personnel-related reports to Senior Management in very limited time-frames.

Margit Konsen-Kuusk, HR Manager, Amcredit

LMS is easy to work with and very helpful system. For example, when preparing   for  the  meeting with a client it was giving all previous conversations with the client in one click. It was left  simply to  print them out and  go to the meeting!

I liked LMS warnings and alerts.  It was throwing “red flags” every time if  a loan  condition was  not adhered. Sometimes I could consult with LMS like with colleague!

LMS was saving my time  a lot.  If  loan information was missing or incorrect,   I had  just  to indicate places  for  improvements and in one click  return loan file to the  relevant  loan officer. There was no need for lengthy   meetings or phone conversations.

Rūta Meškauskaitė, Underwriter

I was LMS user for more than 8 years. LMS is easy to use and provides all the features needed for Loan management. It stores client and loan information, is able to calculate loan schedules, import bank statements and apply loan payments, create notices to customers. I really liked the variety of reports LMS was able to provide for different purposes: for financial and regulatory reporting, for analysis of the portfolio, or to support accounting. LMS is user friendly system and is capable to process multiple data.

Aurelija Cenkute, Finance Manager, Balaef, AmCredit