Security & Data Protection

LMS security and  data protection issue has always been among the central concepts when designing and developing the system.

Starting from 2008 LMS was used by  Baltic  Branches of Allied Irish Banks. The system adhered to strict security requirements of the bank.

The system restricts user access to information with hierarchy of system  groups and users. Every user has unique credentials for system login. The system supports strong password policy, and ensures scheduled password resets.

LMS provides user activity monitoring possibilities:  audit of user actions against  selected objects.

Database securely works with user data  ensuring data protection  by the means of RDBMS.

In short, LMS security has the following characteristics:

  • Data is secured by RDBMS
  • Role based Security implemented
  • Information is appended, not overwritten
  • Audited actions
    • User working sessions
    • Actions
    • Data  changes