Application has been designed to register client and collateral info, loan  terms, perform loan related calculations and assist underwriters in decision support.

LMS application can handle single and multiple clients (borrowers and co-borrowers).   Information about client is rich in details and captures:

  • Info on employment
  • Incomes
  • Owned real estate
  • Liabilities
  • Client preferences (i.e. where and how to receive correspondence,  language, etc)

LMS application allows having single or multiple collateral to secure loan. The following collateral info can be captured:

  • Property type, parameters, address
  • Purchase price, appraisal details
  • Control against invalid appraisers

Loan terms are set by selecting desirable combination of program and product. The system completes calculation of key ratios ( DTI, LTV).

The system automatically controls  loan program compliance.   Non-compliances within tolerance range  can be mitigated with  loan rate adjustments, automatically suggested by the system.

The system produces full package of application documents, including preliminary amortization schedule, document check list, loan officer’s recommendation, etc.