CRM is integral part of  LMS and one of LMS highlights.

CRM  delivers a very detailed view of each customer, thus enabling Servicers,  to make educated decisions, establish right meeting strategy  and  provide high quality customer service.

Collecting of customer data starts from the very first contact with the client and every next interaction with the client contributes to this data.

CRM combines this information into common, easily accessible view, thus enabling system users to  instantly see the whole picture about clients.


360° client view :

  • Client Personal Profile  and Demographics
  • Client Financials: Employment info, Incomes, Liabilities, Real Estate owned
  • Client Interests, Prospects, Preferences
  • Client Promises, Complaints, Desires
  • Client Leads, Applications, and Loans
  • Payment plans
  • Repayment history
  • Letters/notices auto-sent by the systems via SMS, post, email
  • Overdue amounts by accounts ( reinbursable expenses, mortgage payments, other)