Document Preparation

Document preparation module has been developed to support generation of various documents, necessary during lending process.
LMS providesĀ  highly customized document preparation tools.

Most of users find working with documents in LMS easy and comfortable. LMS helps to manage document preparation, printing, scanning, automatically places documents in the right places in directory.
The following categories of documents can be prepared:

  • Loan Origination
    • Leads, Pre-Qualifications and Appendicies
    • Applications and Appendices
    • Loan Agreements
  • Loan Servicing
    • Delinquency & Default Letters
    • Interest Reset Notices
    • Expired and Missing Property Insurance Letters
    • Invoices for the payments
  • Secondary marketing
    • Sale and pledge documents
    • Investor Remittance documents

Document Preparation module has the following features:

  • Documentation is inĀ  multiple languages: EN, LT, EE, RU, LV
  • Based on MS Word templates, print or pdf
  • Document location tracking
  • Link to Loan folder in directory