Lead has been designed to capture clients’ inquiries. It starts Loan Origination process.

Information, registered in Lead, is used for analysis purposes, as well as for monitoring of workload of receptionists, loan officers, processors and other parties responsible for handling customer inquiries.

In addition to the nature of inquiry, lead captures client contact info for further reference.
Lead aids in answering  different client questions, and perform various loan related calculations, such as:

  • ‘What are the minimal monthly incomes required to get a loan of 10000$ for 10 years?’
  • ‘What will be my monthly payments if I borrow 15000$ for 15 years?’
Besides that, Lead provides the following functionality:
  • Generate (in different languages) preliminary amortization schedule
  • Record ‘next steps’ to be taken
  • Provide input into analysis module (Potential client demographics and interests, Client feedback, LO performance trends).