Program and Products functionality has been designed in order to create  predefined  sets   of   loan conditions.
Programs deal  with the  client- and property- related conditions , while products  deal with different interest rate types.
Each program has a set of rules to adhere.
Program and Products enable automatic Loan Rate calculation using floating, fixed or mixed types of Interest rates and more than 40 different attributes of loan, client, and property.
Product examples:
  • 6 mn. Euribor Mortgage: Mortgage product, where interest rates is based upon 6 month Euribor. Loan rate  is reset each 6 months,  based on new Euribor value.
  • 1 Year Fixed 12mn Libor Mortgage: Mortgage  product, where  interest rate is fixed for the  first 12 months.  Later loan rate is reset  every 12 month, based on new  12 month Libor value.
Program examples:
  • Employee Loan: Program for Lender’s employees. Includes rule, requiring borrower to be lender’s employee.
  • Young Professional Loan: Program, designed  for young professionals.Includes rules for borrowers’ age and job position.