With LMS I worked from the very beginning, about 12 years.
I would call it user-friendly system.
Even people with little information systems experience quickly understand how to work with it.

I’d like to mention “notes” option of LMS – I personally enjoyed it very much. Due to notes I could easily track
the history and content of all contacts with the client,
including automatically generated notices, SMS messages, phone calls, and personal contacts.

Currently I am working with several banks and credit institutions. I have noticed, that differently from LMS,
their systems do not provide loan schedule report with planned and actual payments in one page.
I think that this info is very useful, both for the client and for the bank. I personally always used this report when in Court.

It’s beneficial that the system easily adapts to changes in credit organization.
LMS has variety of reports, which provide info with various views on data, by day, week, or month.

LMS is  very helpful because of automatic tracking of various expiration dates and preparing “to do” lists.
LMS has powerful user control system, restricting access rights according to the corporate policy.

Reda Bagušinskiene, Closing Attorney, Balaef, AmCredit